Ancient Uses of Natural Hemp

CBD For Meditation
CBD For Meditation
Natural Hemp
Natural Hemp

Hemp is a plant that is often used for a wide variety of uses. It was regarded as a prohibited plant for a long period of time, despite all the benefits offered by the plant. It mostly turns out that the people of ancient times had more knowledge of the benefits of hemp than us, which is also the reason why hemp was used in everything.

Natural Hemp Fiber for Clothing

During ancient times, clothing was something that was hard for the people of those times to come by. The manufacturing of clothes was an expensive process during the early times, and hemp was regarded as a saving grace for many.

Many archaeologists were able to find hemp cloths at various places like Iran. Spinning wheels were invented to create fabric materials in China for spinning hemp fibers, and these materials lasted for a long time. Even now, people in China would wear clothes made out of hemp fibers while mourning for their deceased relatives and family members, as part of their tradition. Wrestlers in Japan always wear hemp considering it as a holy fabric and it is the only cloth that is allowed to enter the ring.

Paper Made Out of Hemp

China is always regarded as the place of all ancient innovations. The first paper was made in China by crushing the fibers of hemp and blending them along with the bark of the mulberry tree. This mixture was then kept in water which allowed the tangling of all the fibers when aroused to the top. The collected fibers were then kept into a mold and later got it dried into sheets.

This innovation spread across the world, though very slowly. It reached Japan during the 5th century, and then to the Arabs, and Europe, respectively.

Hemp in Food and Nutrition

Hemp seeds are regarded as incredibly good choices as they are rich in an array of nutrients and also fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It is one of the only sources of plant-based complete protein.

Seeds of hemp plant can be eaten in raw form, pressed into oils and can also be cooked, whereas flowers of the hemp plant can be used for making tea. It is widely accepted that hemp is nutritious as well as easy to grow, which is the major reason why it has turned out to be a staple crop, even during ancient times.

Using Hemp in Religious Gatherings and Functions

Cannabis and hemp were found to be used in many religious ceremonies from ancient times and this is of no surprise. Psychoactive CBD was used in various functions over the past years since most religious shamans suggest its intoxicating effects helping them to get closer to the spiritual entities.