CBD And Yoga For Complete Relaxation Of The Mind And Body


At the time of writing this piece, the day was the longest in the year and sun shone longer- it was 21st June, the summer solstice. What made this day even more special was that “The World Yoga day” also lie on the same day. In the light of the frantic that we have been engulfed by, being able to pick out time for yourself and enjoy a balanced mind and body, may come as a luxury for a few. Even as bad as the pandemic is, one thing that has come out for the better is more time for yourself; time that you can channelize and make your own. You needn’t worry about catching the 8 AM sub or reaching the office with your ears ringing with the blaring horns on your way there.

With 21st June of every year being stamped as a reminder for you to take time to reorient yourself with Yoga, it comes as no surprise that yoga has become popular. Right from spiritual seekers who are embarking on a journey of self-exploration to the working mother who is balancing herself on her head to stay healthy, Yoga is not merely a routine but more so a way of life that you should experience. It may come as a surprise to you if I said that you can further enhance this experience. By simply incorporating a natural, herbal, therapeutic medication to your routine, you can unlock in a more ‘satisfying yoga experience’. This life-saving medication is none other than cannabidiol (CBD).

What You Should Know About CBD

It is a holistic medication that is obtained from the now legal hemp plant. Apart from hemp, cannabis derived CBD is also used in many states and countries as a means of getting more from less. CBD is strictly therapeutic in its benefits and is non-psychoactive. You can consume CBD without having the fear that you’ll be intoxicated or. As a matter of fact, it is quite the opposite and you will be motivated and focused for the day ahead. CBD can be stopped at any time, unlike certain painkillers like aspirin which are prone to addiction; CBD is completely natural and hence you can jump right off of CBD whenever you want, without having any urges or withdrawals.

The CBD benefits are quite vast and some of the few include pain relief, anti-inflammation, anxiety and stress soothing, hormonal balance, better sleep, boosted focus and concentration, helps rejuvenate and recover faster, and many others which can be piled on. The research on CBD use is on-going and only time will tell how truly extensive this list is.

What You Should Know About Yoga

There are many health benefits that practicing yoga gives you; general health and happiness for starters. Here is the list of some of what those are:

  • Helps Reduce Stress

Practicing yoga helps in adopting a sense of general wellbeing and a grounded attitude. This enhances mood and lowers the heartbeat rate. Yoga keeps you in a state of controlled calmness which helps in reducing stress and alleviating the symptoms of anxiety. You can expect a more stress-free life with the help of yoga.

  • Increase Your Attention Span And Concentration

The act of yoga is in and around the idea of re-centering yourself. It helps you tune out the noise and let you dwell into a deeper sense of wakefulness. You can greatly benefit by enhancing your attentiveness by employing certain key asanas and performing regular meditation.

  • Improve Sleep

Since Yoga is about calming the mind, you can be sure that you will achieve deeper, sound sleep as a result. It aids in correcting your sleep pattern and helps dissolve the symptoms of insomnia. A night of better well-rested sleep means that you are fresh and wake up with greater vigour in the morning.

Combining CBD And Yoga

CBD and Yoga work beautifully in harmony. You might have noticed the hints in popular media of the use of cannabis by yogis atop mountain tops. CBD is everything cannabis, minus the ill effects and intoxication. For many thousands of years, people have taken the advantages of combining the two to help them enter a new realm of relaxation techniques; techniques that far surpass the links between mind and body. Much of this is because of the calming effect that CBD has on the human body. The holistic effects help boost wellness aspects when performing yoga. Yoga helps in enhancing sleep which is further boosted with CBD. Yoga helps you achieve a sound mind which is further enhanced with the natural CBD. Simply put, the time to reach your ‘yoga goals’ are shortened with CBD.

The Final Note

CBD is a safe and effective way for you to take your Yoga sessions to a whole new level. CBD will help you boost all the elements of yoga, so be sure to enjoy the synergy that CBD and Yoga bring into your life.