Let’s Talk CBD, Shall We?

CBD Uses
CBD Uses
Hemp Companies
Hemp Companies

You have been reading news about the surging popularity of CBD, but have you given it a thought? Why are products marketed under this name, high in demand? Are the claims and advertisements made by the hemp companies true to the point? For understanding all of this, you must be well informed about the terminology used in CBD. Continue reading to parse a few of the important terms used.

Cannabidiol (noun, kan-eh-buh-die-el)

If this didn’t ring a bell then I am sure the acronym sure will. It is abbreviated to CBD. CBD is a compound that is essentially extracted from the plant – cannabis. Anecdotally, it is well known for its oxidative and anti-inflammatory traits. Although a majority of the research is still in the preclinical stages, people are opinionated that CBD can be utilized efficaciously. Except for Epidiolex for the treatment of severe epilepsy in children, none of the CBD infused goods are regulated by the FDA.

Psychoactive (adj, sigh-ko-ak-tiv)

It is the ability of a drug to make its consumers feel euphoric or feel high. Because of its mind-altering potential, these are not recommended for treating ailments. The content of THC in a CBD infused product is the real reason for this property is highlighted. The permitted percentage of THC in CBD is less than 0.3%.

Hemp (noun, hemp)

It is a cumulative term used to refer to the strain of a plant named Cannabis Sativa and the fibers it contains. After marijuana being legalized, hemp is now cultivated and bred with higher CBD content. I understand that it is slightly confusing that: CBD from hemp and marijuana are identical and yet they differ. The important thing to be kept in mind here is that unless the product you have purchased contains THC, it is safe and also not psychoactive.

Terpenes (noun, ter-peens)

This is the factor that gives full spectrum hemp its grassy and earthy aroma and flavor. Its citrusy-clovey flavor is best for uplifting moods and relaxing the minds.

Full Spectrum (adj, ful spek-trem)

The full spectrum refers to a spectrum of CBD oil which contains all the known cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. Yes, this indeed includes the permitted level of THC.

Broad Spectrum (adj, brod spek-trem)

Broad spectrum refers to a spectrum of CBD oil which includes all the known components of the hemp plant except for THC.

Bioavailability (noun, by-oh-ah-vale-ah-bill-ah-tee)

It refers to the capability of CBD to speedily enter the bloodstream.