The Complete Guide To Dabbing CBD

Dabbing CBD
Dabbing CBD
Dabbing CBD
Dabbing CBD

Dabbing is one of the CBD intake methods where you inhale CBD for quick effects. Its high bioavailability makes it the favorite of CBD users who prefer CBD kicking in quickly to waiting an hour or two for the effects.

This article is a complete guide to CBD dabbing.

How Do You Dab CBD?

Dabbing CBD requires a dabbing device like a dab rig, a butane torch to heat the concentrate, and a dab tool to drop the concentrate on the nail or the dab rig. The processes of dabbing CBD and THC are the same but the effects are different. Dabbing CBD makes you feel stoned while dabbing CBD does not make you feel euphoric.

Here are the steps to dabbing CBD:

  1. Get the dab rig ready and keep the CBD concentrate on your reach.
  2. Heat the nail of the dab rig with the butane torch until the surface turns glowing red.
  3. The optimal dabbing temperature is around 320-356 degrees Fahrenheit. Using higher temperatures will destroy the terpenes contained in the concentrate. It takes nearly 20 seconds to heat the nail and it cools with 60 seconds. However, the time might vary according to the variations in nail material and its thickness.
  4. With the dab tool, place the CBD concentrate on the hot nail and inhale the vapors generated slowly. Ensure that you inhale a major portion of the vaporized concentrate.
  5. After inhaling the vapors, exhale immediately.
  6. After you are done with dabbing, clean the nail to ensure that no residue is left over it. Do that after the nail cools down. Once it is cool, wipe the nail with a cotton cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

What Makes Dabbing Special?

Dabbing is a much sought-after CBD intake method primarily because of its high bioavailability. The term “bioavailability” refers to the percentage of CBD that is absorbed into our bloodstream when using a cannabidiol product.

Because there is nothing like the first-pass effect involved when dabbing CBD, a major portion of CBD in a cannabidiol product reaches the user’s bloodstream. The first-pass effect is involved when we take ingestible forms of CBD where a significant portion of CBD doesn’t get absorbed into the bloodstream due to the processing of the CBD product by the liver.

When you dab CBD concentrate, CBD and other compounds in the concentrate kicks in within a few minutes.