Why Is CBD Expensive?

CBD Expensive
CBD Expensive
CBD Expensive
CBD Expensive

The CBD market is loaded with a rich variety of products. You often see sharp differences in the prices of two CBD products of the same type. Why is it so? What factors influence the price of a cannabidiol product? Let us find out in this article.

Can You Trust The Quality Of Cheap CBD Products?

CBD products are generally expensive and there are solid reasons for the high-end prices. If you are offered a CBD product at a price that seems too good to be true, the manufacturers have likely compromised on its quality. If top-notch quality has to be maintained, high-quality processing methods are to be employed, and the associated expenses will be high.

Why Is CBD Expensive?

Several factors influence the price of CBD products:

Raw Material

The price of a CBD product is largely determined by the processes involved in its manufacturing. High-quality hemp has to be used as the starting material if you want good quality CBD. Some brands cut down their manufacturing costs by using low-quality hemp imported from overseas. Reputed CBD manufacturers use US-grown hemp or hemp obtained from top-quality farms in other countries. The hemp crop will be costly but the quality is worth every penny you invest.

Extraction Method

An extraction method has to be employed to derive CBD and other cannabinoids from hemp. There are several choices in extraction methods with their efficacy and associate costs differing from one another.

Top CBD manufacturers often prefer the CO2 extraction method for its efficacy and safety. The solvent used in the extraction, CO2 is non-toxic. Hence the safety of the extracted hemp product is guaranteed. CBD extraction requires expensive instruments, which means the extraction costs will influence the final price of the CBD product.

Low-quality extraction methods like butane extraction and propane extraction are cheaper but are generally considered less safe considering the toxic nature of the solvents, propane, and butane.


The overall processes involved in the manufacture of CBD products starting from hemp cultivation are labor-intensive. Hence the price of CBD will be influenced by labor costs.

Third-Party Lab Testing

After CBD products are manufactured, they have to be sent to third-party labs for testing. The certificate of Analysis(COA) issued by the independent labs is an important indicator of the trustworthiness and transparency of the CBD brand.

Getting CBD tested by independent labs requires investing some money. Thus the expenses of the CBD lab tests are also going to influence its final price.