The Four Misconception About CBD You Need To Know

CBD Side Effects
CBD Side Effects
CBD Oil Drops
CBD Oil Drops

You must have started catching on to the buzz of CBD going around. You check your Instagram it’s there. You see YouTube influencers ranting about CBD’s benefits. You check your local natural food store or the newspaper talking about the verdict within legislative chambers. What is it all about? Some people are drinking it in the form of CBD oil drops, while others are swallowing it in the form of gummy bears and pills. Still, others are using it as lotions and creams…What is going on?

To Kick-start things, What is CBD oil?

CBD is called cannabidiol. It is one of the numerous 100 unique compounds that are found in cannabis or hemp plants, called cannabinoids. With the ever-growing popularity of CBD oil, a lot of rumors and misconceptions are winding up on our news and media outlets. We are here to break away the truth from the lies!

Misconception No.1 CBD Makes You Intensely “High”

False! CBD is a non-psychoactive substance. There exists a substance in cannabis called THC, tetrahydrocannabinol. This substance is highly psychoactive, and the euphoric feeling you associate consuming marijuana is attributed to THC. CBD on the other hand comprises of negligible amounts of THC. More so, it is been noticed that CBD counteracts the effects of the “high”.

Misconception No.2 CBD Is Made From Marijuana Only

False! While CBD can be extracted from marijuana, it is also widely extracted from industrial hemp plants. This is a highly sustainable, organic, plant that has been grown for more than thousands of years!

Misconception No.3 CBD Puts You In A Lull

False, yet again! CBD is not exactly a sedative. It does however create a sense of relaxation. But the sedative effect that most of us associate with is caused because of the presence of excess THC.  Stress relief and sedation is not the same thing!

Misconception No.4 Hemp And Marijuana Is One And The Same Thing

False! Saying they are the same is like saying lemons and oranges are one and the same. Although hemp and marijuana are from the same plant family, they showcase differences in their function and methods of cultivation. Marijuana is commonly associated with ceiling levels of THC, which is responsible for its psychoactive properties. It is used for recreational as well as medicinal purposes.

Hemp, on the other hand, pales in comparison to the quantity of THC in it. It however boasts of a high level of CBD. Hemp has its use in clothing, skin products among others!